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Solutions Guide 2.7

Automatic Heating’s full product and solutions guide is an extensive overview of our complete range. We hold a vast array of equipment and accessories in our warehouse in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. We can attend sites in Melbourne within a short time and we are situated near major road links to serve the rest of the country and beyond.

Our Solutions Guide is constantly assessed and reviewed to ensure the information it contains is accurate and up to date. Our staff are involved in research and development of the products we supply, so are able to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry and make amendments where necessary.

Each product category is reviewed in detail to allow you to make an informed choice about the options available. Detailed technical data is listed on important areas like Dimensions, Specifications, Efficiency and Performance. Installation guides are provided in many cases with schematic diagrams and case studies. Maintenance schedules and instructions are also covered along with recommended settings and setups. The guide will download in convenient PDF format with hyperlinks, so can be accessed in most environments and totals over 300 pages of comprehensive information and product specifications.

Update Log

Edition 2.7

Deleted Products

  • Hydronic Heating
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • BoilerMag Magnetic Filters

New Products

  • Revere™ Heat Pumps
  • 316L Stainless Steel Tanks 200L – 5,000L

Product Updates

  • Meridian data table amendments
  • Modulex dimensions table amendment
  • New Modulex models – 1000kW, 1100kW and 1200kW
Edition 2.6

Deleted Products:

  • Solar Thermal
  • Phase Change Material
  • Pexal Piping Systems
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Galletti HiRef TVX

New Products:

  • R32 Series heat pump – page 52
  • R134A Series heat pump – page 58
  • AHG WW-HTC Series CO2 Heat Pump – page 60

Product Updates:

  • CO2 Heat Pump data update – pages 15-17
  • Remove 10:1 turndown option for Eurogen and Euromax – pages 72, 78
  • Remove Eurogen Model EG124 124kW – pages 74-75
  • Flow rates updated for Meridian, Modulex and Moorea I boilers – pages 86-87, 101, 106
  • Maximum water pressures updated for Meridian – pages 86-88
  • Meridian Tower updates – page 88
  • Note added – LPG applies to Moorea Models 170-300 only – page 104
  • Moorea H updated to Moorea I – pages 104-109
  • Update sequence controller table – all suitable for outdoor – page 111
  • SS Flue product code corrections – page 141
  • Twin wall Stainless Steel flue components added along with flue installation diagram and parts list for Firex boiler – pages 144-146
  • Coaxial Flue information updated – pages 150-151
  • Update model numbers for biomass boilers – pages 155,157
  • Duraflex Joule vessel dimensions update – pages 172-173
  • Update Duraflex product codes – pages 173-174
  • Weights updated for EcoVent HF (Steel) – page 197
  • Weights updated for EcoTrap HF (Steel) – page 201
  • Type codes updated for EcoTwin R (Steel) – page 205
  • Weights updated for EcoTwin HF (Steel) – page 206
  • Model HF200 removed from steel buffer tanks range – page 265
  • Weights added for mild steel buffer tanks – page 267
  • Buffer Tank data updates – pages 268-271
  • Review & update HVAC Pumps section of Solutions Guide – pages 273-282
  • Product information updated for Defender Neutralisers – pages 287-288
  • Dimensions updated for Dosing Pot – page 307
Edition 2.5

Edition 2.5 includes product data updates.

Edition 2.4

Edition 2.4 includes the following updates:

  • Galletti EvitecH Heat Pump added – p36
  • Model numbers added to Modulex drawings – p95
  • Radiator installation example images added – p224-225
  • Links updated to include category page hyperlinks in page headers. This facilities returning to main category page in addition to the existing Contents page link.
Edition 2.3

Edition 2.3 includes product data updates.

Edition 2.2

Edition 2.2 includes updated content as well as links added to products lists in Contents table on page 1. A green ‘Contents’ link has also been added to each page to facilitate returning to the contents page from anywhere in the document.