Technical Support

You can also rely on special service if there are specific demands placed on your project.

It’s impossible to be an expert in everything, so take advice from our specialists in any specific area you are investigating. There are several interlinked, yet distinct, disciplines within our field of interest and we have staff that are devoted to each one.

Automatic Heating’s technical design department is made up of a team of proven specialists who will develop professional and expert recommendations or provide suggestions for improving your existing design.

Our Technical Support Team are more than just a call center or helpdesk – they are dedicated professionals who can assist in all aspects of the process. From concept, through to consultation and layout design, to installation and testing and finally ongoing support. If a solution isn’t readily available we will take time to research and test out theories before making our recommendation.

Our specialists undergo rigorous ongoing training and keep abreast of all relevant industry developments. They have a close working relationship with the research and development departments of our manufacturers, and share knowledge up and downstream to ensure the benefits of efficient heating and cooling technology are available to everyone.

The insight garnered from the close working relationship we have with both our manufacturing and installation partners keeps our fingers on the pulse of this rapidly evolving industry. We welcome and relish the challenges that crop up during the consultation and other phases of the design process as well as the ongoing issues we encounter.

Please don’t hesitate to tap into the knowledge and advice that our dedicated Technical Support Team are on hand to provide.

Contact Automatic Heating today on 03 9330 3300 for further information or to arrange for one of our Technical Sales Specialists to visit.