One of the most effective steps you can take in reducing your carbon footprint is to install a Thermex Solar Hot Water System.

With families and businesses more concerned than ever about rising energy costs and less water being available for hydro generation the Thermex Solar range offers you an affordable energy solution. Thermex Solar Hot Water Systems are available to cover all requirements for heating and potable hot water needs whether as a hot water boost for a small domestic home or large scale preheat system for a base hospital.

By using the free and limitless power of the Sun you help reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels to generate electricity. This helps you, the environment and more importantly the health of future Australians.

When your solar system can’t operate at its desired maximum performance due to poor weather or demand has been extremely high the gas boost system will boost the water temperature being drawn for immediate use. Only water stored in the tank at less than 60°C will be boosted to ensure that your family never runs out of hot water.

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