Since 1951 SAER ELETTROPOMPE have been manufacturing water electric pumps and motors for the civil, industrial, agricultural and domestic field; the products are suitable for municipalities, firefighting applications and for airconditioning and heating, naval and mining sector.

SAER produces centrifugal pumps from 0.37 to 300kW 50HZ, for fields such as domestic, building services, industrial, firefighting, irrigation, mining and naval.

The SAER range includes: centrifugal peripheral electric pumps, centrifugal single impeller electric pumps, centrifugal electric pumps with two opposite impellers, multistage horizontal and vertical centrifugal electric pumps, electric centrifugal self priming pumps, electric centrifugal gear pumps, normalized centrifugal monopoly pumps, centrifugal electric normalized pumps with stub shaft, centrifugal bare-shaft normalized electric pumps, centrifugal bare-shaft exceeding the norm electric pumps, swimming pool pumps, drainage pumps, centrifugal submersible radial and semi-axial electric submersible pumps, split casing pumps and booster sets.

You can select SAER pumps by using the online selection tool or by downloading the SAER Selection Software iOS application from the App Store via the links below.

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