Piping systems are an integral part of any Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system and we supply an extensive range. Underfloor heating and cooling, as well as insulation, are catered for in addition to our innovative range for replacing traditional copper pipes. A plastic and aluminium layered system makes the installation of an entire HVAC setup up to 45% quicker.

Our piping systems include Pexal Piping, an innovative system that is used for the creation of internal hot and cold water distribution networks, for heating circuits, air-conditioning and compressed air systems.

The multi-layer pipe unites the characteristics of plastic and those of ductile metal. The plastic material used for the internal and external layers is crosslinked polyethylene PE-X, whereas the intermediate layer is in aluminium. In this way, the fluid is transported inside the internal layer of PE-X (with the consequent advantages in terms of hygiene and corrosion resistance).

The aluminium layer is formed around the PE-X layer and is welded with a continuous longitudinal weld. This characteristic makes the pipe extremely easy to shape: once bent, it maintains the given configuration. The use of coils avoids the necessity of using intermediate fittings.

Insulating foam collars are available in standard 2-meter lengths or continuous coil for if the number of joints needs to be kept to a minimum. Also as part of the Climate Line Underfloor Heating and Cooling System, we supply pipework to carry the hydronic media.

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