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The topic of carbon emissions waxes and wanes in the public consciousness but it hasn’t gone away. The amounts pumped into the atmosphere stayed fairly level for a few years but 2018 saw a large increase to the tune of 37.1 gigatonnes. That’s a huge, unsustainable amount but how do ... Read More
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An Opportunity for Savings Automatic Heating presents an infographic on the potential savings available to Australia’s commercial sector through the use of superior high efficiency condensing boiler technology as compared to conventional boilers. According to studies by Pitt & Sherry, the proportion of the total gas used that produces heating and hot ... Read More


Condensing water heaters achieve higher energy efficiency than standard boilers by condensing the water vapour in the flue gasses and using the latent energy recovered through this process to heat the return water. The condensate produced is highly acidic and requires treatment before discharging to waste.


An emerging trend in new buildings and major refurbishments; End-of-Trip facilities are typically identified as shower, bathroom and storage facilities for people biking to work. From a leasing perspective though, these facilities have now become a significant draw card for blue chip tenants and some fitouts are superb.


Automatic Heating is pleased to be an official Project Partner of the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project. Named after the physical constraints imposed on the site – a 5m x 4m plot of land in East Melbourne – the project aims to successfully construct an energy efficient residential dwelling to accommodate ... Read More


Companies using gas as an energy source in NSW would to do well to consider the current offer for Gas Efficiency Funding from the NSW Government. With grants up to $40,000 available for sites with an annual gas usage of over 1000 GJ this program aims to help the planned ... Read More