Carbon-neutral Heating Solutions

Need to deliver a carbon-neutral built environment?
Delivering carbon neutral outcomes can raise concerns regarding specifying new heating technologies. In this series, we address questions commonly asked by mechanical engineers and consultants requiring sustainable project outcomes.

Achieving carbon neutral outcomes.

Delivering heating solutions that achieve sustainable project outcomes is one of the core tenets of Automatic Heating. For Nightingale Housing, a commitment to sustainability also drives decision making. “Nightingale projects have to be carbon neutral in operation” says Nightingale founder Jeremy McLeod. “The single biggest emitter of carbon in the world is carbon emissions related to the built environment.”

To design an efficient and effective carbon neutral heating system for Nightingale Housing, Automatic Heating engineers assessed the project parameters, including the number and size of apartments, the solar array, supporting infrastructure and the required project deliverables. Based on these parameters, they then created a bespoke heating package that achieved the client’s performance and sustainability objectives.

Strategies used to achieve a carbon-neutral building included reducing emissions by specifying electric rather than traditional gas appliances. Electric heat pumps containing natural refrigerants deliver beneficial environmental, efficiency and financial results.

At Nightingale, a Revere CO2 Heat Pump together with insulated buffer tanks were installed for hydronic and hot water heating. The Revere CO2 Heat Pump system is powered by electricity, and utilises heat extracted from the air to produce heat energy. The use of natural refrigerant, supercritical carbon dioxide, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enables energy conservation. With a Revere CO2 heat pump system, 1 kW of energy converts to 3.9kW of output energy, as opposed to a traditional heating system whereby 1kW of energy converts to 1kW output. Revere’s capacity to produce 90°C hot water makes it suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Using cutting edge technology and many decades of experience, Automatic Heating’s Engineering and Project Management team supplied highly efficient fossil fuel free systems to achieve measurable outcomes and cost savings for residents and helped the client realise their carbon neutral ambitions.

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