Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To be the leading provider of quality, innovative and energy efficient products to the Mechanical Services and Hydronic Heating Industries across Australia, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and assisting clients to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mission Statement

Our business exists to create comfort; in warmth that consoles, calms, relaxes and heals, and through cooling that soothes the body and mind.

We sell complex products and execute advanced technical planning, for the purpose of achieving simple feelings that often go unnoticed. But that, in itself, is the mission, for when our work goes unnoticed, that is when we know we have succeeded in providing effective solutions that create the perfect indoor environment.

We have been challenging ourselves for over 90 years to find the most energy efficient way to achieve our mission, and will never stop perfecting this pursuit. As a family business, it is our personal mission to provide quality innovation through professional support and impeccable service to the Mechanical Services and Hydronic Heating industries, which make our mission achievable.

Our Purpose

Automatic Heating Global’s purpose is to design, deliver and maintain sustainable, energy efficient solutions that enables others to live and work well.

Our Values

  • Help from the heart
  • Solve it for the Customer
  • Trust is Fundamental
  • Champion Sustainability
  • Show initiative

Statement of Values

In completing its activities, Automatic Heating Pty Ltd is bound to the core values and responsibilities that govern the organisation:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Attention to consistency and detail
  • Teamwork and Work Ethic
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Excellence in all aspects of the organisation
  • Always under promise and over deliver
  • Results not excuses

Code of Conduct

To make your experience in dealing with us as rewarding as it can be

  • We will greet all customers in a warm, friendly manner
  • We will treat every customer fairly and equally, no matter how big or small their business is.
  • Our business is built on repeat business so we will aim to earn and keep your custom
  • All customer complaints will be dealt with promptly and efficiently
  • We will maintain a professional and constructive tone in all our conversations
  • We will strive to meet all client deadline requests with the motto “under promise – over deliver”.