About Automatic Heating

Our Focus

Automatic Heating is the leading provider of water based heating and cooling to the commercial HVAC market in Australia.
Our success is built on our holistic approach to heating and cooling system solutions, our thorough understanding of mechanical engineering principles and over 90 years experience in this technically demanding and rapidly changing industry.
ARBS 2018 CO2 Heat Pump 76kW
The products we bring to the HVAC market in Australia are world-class; sourced from some of the most progressive and technologically advanced manufacturers in the world.
What makes the difference, is that we enhance these innovative solutions with the skills of our highly trained technical support team and the dedication and passion of our dedicated customer service professionals to promote exceptional project outcomes that maximise ease of installation, operational performance, and energy efficiencies.

Focus on our strengths

In the recent past, Automatic Heating has strategically realigned its products for the heating and cooling engineering sectors. In terms of sales and marketing, we focus on solutions that consider the synergies between all Automatic Heating products.

Our aim is to combine the company’s unique expertise, market oriented solutions and accompanying services. This results in outstanding advantages for our customers in a competitive environment.

Focus on customer demands

Thanks to the close cooperation with Automatic Heating, our customers receive everything they need to implement efficient solutions worldwide: personal consultancy, qualified design-support and dedicated customer service.

We ensure that our systems create solutions that customers can rely on.

More about Automatic Heating

Our History

Now in our fourth generation, Automatic Heating continues to be synonymous with the strengths that have made us who we are today: first-class engineering, sustained understanding of the underlying technology and a systematic focus on the requirements of customers in the heating and cooling engineering sector.

From its beginnings as a small workshop located in the company’s headquarters in Temple Court, Collins Street, Melbourne, Automatic Heating has today developed to become an innovative national company.

Nowadays we continue to increase our competitiveness particularly with state-of-the-art production methods, systematic product innovations and process-oriented management – opening up the markets of the future with a long-term, solution-oriented approach.

Success over the generations

Founded back in 1926 in the heart of the Melbourne’s central business district, Automatic Heating has outgrown its headquarters and moved four times over four generations, from relatively humble beginnings, operating out of offices in Temple Court to our current facility on Gateway Boulevard in Epping.

We still uphold the most stringent standards that keep us at the heart of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry; standing for quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability.
Automatic Heating continues to evolve and embrace new technologies and systems emerging in the heating industry at a global level. Along with attending international HVAC exhibitions to keep abreast of new developments, Automatic Heating management continue to invest in product research and development to ensure our products and services meet the demands of Australian conditions and the Australian market.

Automatic Heating has been active through the evolution of energy sources from fossil fuels, moving through coal, oil and gas, on to alternative energy sources including solar, geothermal and other renewable energy generation methods.

Throughout the years, iconic sites such as the International Towers Sydney (ITS) in the ambitious Barangaroo development, the Casey Station research base in Antarctica and Australia’s largest shopping centre in Chadstone, Melbourne. Our continually growing experience makes each one more innovative and energy-efficient than the last.

Since the start of the current century, Automatic Heating have warmly welcomed and promoted the introduction of Green Star and National Australian Built Environment Rating System known as NABERS building efficiency ratings and other initiatives such as the Commercial Building Disclosure scheme as they grade and develop increasingly energy-efficient solutions that exemplify best-practice, integrated, sustainable heating and cooling systems.

Automatic Heating Staff in the early 1950’s

The innovative minds behind this company have had their finger on the pulse of the country’s heating and cooling needs for so long they have developed an adept understanding of the need for high-efficiency ratings in commercial buildings.

The original Automatic Heating CBD location at Temple Court, Collins Street, Melbourne