Sustainable eco-friendly water based heating and cooling solutions tailored for your project

Automatic Heating is a leading nationwide solutions provider for the smooth operation of Water based Heating, Cooling & Energy Systems in Building Services. We are ideally positioned to provide professional advice, world-class equipment and proven methods to optimise your systems performance and energy savings.

Condensing and Conventional Water Heaters

With nearly a century in the industry, Automatic Heating has the knowledge, experience and customer-centric work ethic to operate successfully in today’s market. We specialize in Condensing Water Heaters & Boilers and commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). We also provide hands-on support and complete design assistance on a project-by-project basis.

Technical Support and After Sales Service

Our commitment to you extends past the sales and design process and into the support phase where assistance from our Technical Design Team is available whenever you need it. Our objective is to use industry advancements in hydronics, HVAC, energy collection/generation and related fields to offer long service life, best-in-class performance, high energy efficiency and genuine commercial value.

Recent Projects all projects

  1. Brown Brothers Milawa Winery Project. With a 4 hour install time and output hot water temperature of up to 90°C, our latest Eco-Cute CO2 Heat Pump project offers calculated cost savings of 75% compared to a LPG fired boiler.
  2. Yarra’s Edge Tower 1. As reported in a recent issue of Accelerate Australia & NZ magazine, CO2 Heat Pumps have the capacity to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and save on domestic hot water heating costs. Read the full Case Study and learn how our hybrid solution has provided a reliable, cost saving hot water system for an iconic 32 floor apartment building in Melbourne.

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Condensing Water Heaters

For High Efficiency and Ultimate Installation Flexibility


Two short videos on a couple of our major product lines. Firstly, the Meridian Condensing Boiler’s space saving and ease of maintenance attributes make it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor installations in a range of buildings and locations.

Secondly, we showcase a presentation of the Modulex Ext Condensing Water Heater which can also be used in internal or external installations and currently holds the title of the most efficient condensing boiler currently available in Australia.

Why Choose Us?

1. Leading Solutions Provider

Automatic Heating is a leading solutions provider of water-based commercial Heating & Cooling Systems in Australia.

  • In a competitive market, expertise, experience, and customer service are key attributes for a company to possess. Our staff are important assets and we nurture talent, commitment and enthusiasm in equal measure.
  • Our product range is chosen with rigorous attention to detail and we have monitored their performance in the field to our exacting standards on many occasions in a multitude of diverse locations.
  • Reliability and efficiency are close to our hearts and you will find these qualities running through the entire range, from the Pressure Relief Valves all the way up to the Condensing Water Heaters and Conventional Water Heaters.
  • Call Us Today and we’ll help in any aspect of heating and cooling from simple product advice and information to full plant room design and layout planning.
2. Best Practice Design Expertise

Our in-house design and installation experts partner with consultants, to assist and promote with best practice system design.

  • Every building has different characteristics that need to be considered when a heating, cooling, or hot water generation system is being designed.
  • We always adhere to our policy of advising for all applications of all products within our extensive range.
  • The result of our involvement in your project will be the correct use of each component in the overall scheme, producing a synergistically cooperative overall system that will integrate with any existing infrastructure.
  • Make use of our expertise via the forms dotted around our website or by emailing or telephoning us directly on 1800 337 959.
3. Focus on What Really Matters

We focus on long term solutions with lower ‘whole of life’ costs following our vision and mission.

  • The planet we live on is a delicate ecosystem that needs to retain its equilibrium. Automatic Heating promotes the use of ecologically sympathetic products that will help control and reduce the carbon footprint of your project.
  • Temperature is fundamental to the comfort of the human condition. We take pride in our role in helping to provide contentment throughout Australia.
  • As a family company with nearly a century in the business, we firmly believe in family values and principles.
  • Our commitment is to clients, customers and staff alike. A conscientious approach to business is fundamental to our ethos.
4. A Culture of Continuous Improvement

We offer technical design support lectures and in-house technical training sessions as well as presentations in customer locations.

  • You don’t spend nearly a century at the top of your industry without learning a thing or two and we are happy to pass on that knowledge to our clients.
  • Staff education is a cornerstone of our long term strategy and commitment to our past, present, and future customers.
  • Come and see us at our head office and we’ll show you our working models of products in our seminar rooms.
  • Alternatively, we can come to your place of business and our technical sales personnel will give a detailed presentation.

Our Brands

Automatic Heating is pleased to represent the following global brands. As leading forces for quality and innovation in the commercial HVAC sector for many years, these trusted manufacturers continue to open up new horizons in heating and cooling technology and sustainability.